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@S0phieH You might want to check out http://t.co/JQk1n7C91s for cheap glasses. Can't help you with an optician. -
Published: 2013-02-26T11:19:52Z by peacegiverman (Damir)

@KaitlynMKE Oh nice! If you want decent glasses super cheap, I recommend http://t.co/JOUTi3D7he. For nice glasses cheap-ish, Costal. -
Published: 2013-02-26T04:45:47Z by cjdamico (Chris Damico)

@Cutti_P http://t.co/tZefBrshvn ten bucks #bargain -
Published: 2013-02-25T20:21:38Z by Mogalie805 (devon yerger )

@_sexualpeaches these are the other ones I got from http://t.co/KmAxjj05en http://t.co/iNoMGeqOVg -
Published: 2013-02-24T20:17:17Z by tripl3_threat_ (Lyndsey)

@mlandwer Have you tried http://t.co/R1MEqWrxt6? -
Published: 2013-02-24T15:08:11Z by chisherman (Chi Sherman)

@MrsDevilAngel it takes awhile but you can get a great price on glasses at http://t.co/u3TeUrKYBx that's where Karl gets his -
Published: 2013-02-24T13:20:58Z by Beadlush (Lydia Stern)

@VintageSpiffy http://t.co/yPBbSM75tB (for my main pink ones) and http://t.co/m0jKVGFh7V -
Published: 2013-02-23T01:57:15Z by littlefroggies (candy dandy)

These glasses are pretty Me, right? http://t.co/AJXoQL2hjo Not that I need more… -
Published: 2013-02-22T21:27:57Z by emilyooo (ʎlıɯǝ)

@jumainet Feel free to email us at service@zennioptical.com. Thank you! -
Published: 2013-02-22T17:38:33Z by zennioptical (Zenni Optical ®)

@convergecollide We're happy you found us! Have you had a chance to check out our styles? http://t.co/l9VYtmIcYl @Amelia_blogger @nerdyapple -
Published: 2013-02-22T17:35:27Z by zennioptical (Zenni Optical ®)

@grumpymoll He looks great in them! Have you had a chance to find a pair that fit your style? http://t.co/l9VYtmIcYl -
Published: 2013-02-22T17:32:58Z by zennioptical (Zenni Optical ®)

#FrameFriday: #HappyBirthday #GeorgeWashington! We think he would have loved these. What's your #goto Zenni style? http://t.co/oqks7TxFbi -
Published: 2013-02-22T17:30:09Z by zennioptical (Zenni Optical ®)

@BoyWonderPete (( Something more like this: http://t.co/yeJw28ESph )) -
Published: 2013-02-22T16:29:20Z by ThatNoahGray (Noah Gray)

@drew3486 http://t.co/dGM6i6VXgo go there after you get your prescription -
Published: 2013-02-22T15:42:30Z by laurennbrown (Lauren N. Brown)

@nutritionisteat I got mine online for $35 (total) from http://t.co/6UXiZfHFha! -
Published: 2013-02-22T01:47:59Z by foseroo (Melissa Fose)

@WakeUpTired @emdashpaperco looks like a scam, totally is not http://t.co/XjU271CWuU also http://t.co/6KK8h3vbFb -
Published: 2013-02-21T23:46:50Z by ChristinePanics (Christine PANICS!!!)

@melissaknits Zenni Optical. We've been very happy with their glasses. Last order was $50 for 2 pair+ sunglasses. http://t.co/3RQnSFCHJX -
Published: 2013-02-21T19:40:17Z by Thorns_n_claws (Liz)

So the cheapest I've seen for RX sunglasses is http://t.co/xVEbEEwefZ I made a pair for $49. Soon!! -
Published: 2013-02-21T19:14:33Z by SouthBaySparklz (Heiren Bear)

@mbcain_ Thank you for spreading the good word! @turbocool Feel free to check out all of our latest styles! http://t.co/l9VYtmIcYl -
Published: 2013-02-21T17:43:48Z by zennioptical (Zenni Optical ®)

RT @zennioptical: @dideyestutta We appreciate your referral! @KatieFreeland Have you had a chance to check out our site? http://t.co/l9V ... -
Published: 2013-02-21T16:05:17Z by svetlyac (zhanna )

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