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@BoyAwdee hahahaha! Thank you kuya Austin! :) -
Published: 2012-08-10T12:11:20Z by Denise_Esguerra (Denise Esguerra)

Denise Austin Step N Shape Workout [VHS] (VHS Tape): -
Published: 2012-08-10T10:02:44Z by vivunirami (Lonzo Wolff)

#NoSleepGang cause i NEED to get the concert tickets ! ! ! ? Austin, Tx baby ! (; @WakaFlockaBSM #WakaFlockaTourOnSaleTomorrowAt10Am -
Published: 2012-08-10T04:10:59Z by denise_ofwgkta (Tacos Bitch(;?)

oh hell yeeaaah ! #WakaFlockaTourOnSaleTomorrowAt10Am! im skippin sleep for @WakaFlockaBSM to get those austin tickets ! ? ahhh ! -
Published: 2012-08-10T03:01:27Z by denise_ofwgkta (Tacos Bitch(;?)

Is watching "Denise Austin #1" on YouTube -
Published: 2012-08-10T02:16:31Z by KRDRAGON (Kelly ???)

8 ways to burn more calories every day: -
Published: 2012-08-10T00:53:04Z by LiveWell_STL (Dr. Komeshak)

Denise Austin on BeFit's You Asked For It: Weight Loss & Nutrition Tips -
Published: 2012-08-10T00:08:27Z by weightlossctrl (Wynona L. Charlton)

Weight Loss & _Nutrition_ Tips: You Asked For It- On this episode of You Asked for it, fitness experts Denise Austin... -
Published: 2012-08-09T23:54:33Z by Willieygv (Willie Wegmann)

Saving for Austin! I can't wait!! ?? -
Published: 2012-08-09T22:50:25Z by Denise_Baca (Denise Baca)

Denise Austin - Mat Workout Based on the Work of J.H. Pilates [VHS] (VHS Tape): Denise Austin's Mat Workout pres... -
Published: 2012-08-09T21:23:02Z by pannaqe (Sigmund Kassulke)

Pilates for Every Body (DVD) -
Published: 2012-08-09T21:21:01Z by zobowyqumy (Di Umland)

Denise Austin: Mat Workout Based on the Work of J.H. Pilates (DVD) -
Published: 2012-08-09T21:20:47Z by pudyvetu (Crichton Raschke)

Denise Austin Obituary: View Denise Austin's Obituary by Anchorage Daily News -
Published: 2012-08-09T16:02:08Z by PennyAgain (Ellen Kay)

Denise Austin's 8 Best Tips for Blasting Belly Fat via @everydayhealth -
Published: 2012-08-09T14:42:52Z by rivebamaw4 (Carol Rivenbark)

@halfcrab HAHA yess CIL!! i alternate from Leslie Mills, Tiffany Rothe, Denise Austin, and now Julianne Hough. :) Fun workouts! -
Published: 2012-08-09T13:33:31Z by myyyraaa (Myra J. )

Denise Austin - Pregnancy Plus Workout [VHS] -
Published: 2012-08-09T11:42:12Z by
PregTest (Patricia Haugh)

There are two parts to every goal: First, go for what you want, and second, enjoy it! Denise Austin #Quotes -
Published: 2012-08-09T07:31:12Z by AmalNadhreen (??? ??????)

Denise Austin: Blast Away 10 Lbs. (DVD) -
Published: 2012-08-09T06:04:10Z by itimesupuc (Festus Newcomer) quick diet: 5 Minute Chest Workout with Denise Austin -
Published: 2012-08-09T05:05:37Z by healthylifewon (joan)

@HuntaaMorgan @austin_bickett Denise wants to marry me... Just saying. -
Published: 2012-08-09T02:25:58Z by DropTheHammer22 (Kendall Hammerstrom)

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